Descend to Madness

You're stuck in a dungeon far below the surface. Try to find a way out but do not look at the inhabitants of this dreadful place; the mere sight will make you go mad. The only way to make them disappear is acknowledging their presence by walking a circle around them.

Warning: This game includes rapid flashing lights which may cause seizures.


Use arrow keys or swipe to look in any of the four cardinal directions.
Press space or hold down your finger to move one step in the direction you're looking.

Visual Cues

You can barely see down here so here are a few hints. Make sure to draw a map when moving around so you don't get lost.

You're standing right in front of a wall.
You're looking at a hallway. The next wall may be one step ahead or one hundred.
A monster is right in front of your eyes and you've gone mad. Press space to restart from the last checkpoint.
Slow Alternation
You're standing in front of an open door. Stepping through it will put you behind the door into the next level and set a checkpoint. Note that doors look like walls until all monsters in the current room are gone.

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