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Down the Oubliette is a dungeon crawler for people who like tower defense games. Take on the ghost infestation below an abandoned country house.


  • Play through 4 randomised levels to get rid of all the ghosts.
  • Use 4 different towers: beacon, coil, fan, and torch.
  • Use the crank to activate fan towers or configure the controls to play with one hand.
  • Replay a floor as often as you need to. There’s no permadeath.
  • Use ghost energy to build and upgrade towers but manage your resources well or you’ll get stuck.


  • Unlit spirits - show a question mark for each spirit that is hidden in the dark or hide them completely.
  • Fans - use the crank to activate the fans or activate them automatically
  • Turn - hold the B button to turn around or toggle turning with the B button
  • Reset notebook - removes all unlocked content from the notebook. Ideal if you have a second player who wants to start fresh.

Note: automating fans and toggling to turn should enable you to play with one hand.


  • Down the Oubliette is also available on Catalog.
  • The intro music is available on soundcloud.
  • The levels were generated with clingo.
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withPlaydate
Tags1-bit, Pixel Art, Playdate, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Grabbed this on the playdate store and I'm super impressed, lots of room for strategy in placement of devices and in movement. Big reccomend!

This may be a goofy question, but I own the itch.io version, is there any way to get the catalogue version so I don't have to side load?

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Not goofy at all but there is currently no scalable way to give Catalog codes to people who bought the game here.

No worries, happy to buy again if need be :)

I’m so happy to see this included in the Playdate Catalog launch! DTO is one of my all time favorite Playdate games. I couldn’t put it down, please make more levels or a sequel!! 

I've just started the game and I was pretty confused understanding what is what, and how it works. After some trials and errors, I now get it. Maybe you should allow for a description to popup while placing an equipment (by pressing up on the dpad). Because it almost dragged me off the game, even though there are explanation in the menu. The concept is great, i love the atmosphere, and the overall look of the game. Great job!

Great game. Lots of fun. Absolutely worth the $5. It's surprisingly deep, and there's a lot of finesse you can pull off by polishing your skill, so it's not just a generic tower defense game. It's vaguely similar to Dungeon of the Endless, so if you like that you'll probably like this. Highly recommended.

I’m really enjoying this. A lot of fun!

can’t believe how much fun i’ve gotten out of this little gem of a game. easily one of my must-buys for playdate. sadly beat it after around an hour and a half of intermittent play— any plans for a sequel or more levels? im trying a replay right now with no continues, but i’d love additional content, difficulty levels, and/or randomized new levels/layouts. 

thanks so much for this game! 

My son absolutely loves this game and has already finished (and restarted from the beginning again). Beautiful work!

Wondering if there is a soundtrack available to download anywhere?

Thanks for the kind words. The soundtrack isn’t available yet but I’ll figure something out.

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I didn't read anything about this before going in. took a little figure out but I enjoyed it so far. Really didn't expect it to be a tower defense. I look forward to playing more. Good work.
id be tempted to add some more detail or monsters to the thumbnail although i know u only see them in the dudgeon. I thought it may be a pulp game from the thumbnail


Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, I hadn’t considered that.

A fun new twist on tower defense! You yourself are the "goal" to defend from the creeps. Find side-alcoves to put towers in, leaving room to run past them and draw the monsters through their damage.

thank you for your service rdk

This is a cool game, and fun. Those paper spirits are making my life difficult! 😄

This looks amazing, I can't wait to get/register my PD so I can purchase Sketch Share Solve and later this!

I'm so looking forward to this one!